funny beer league hockey jerseys

Marv// The Mooseknuckles. We’ve seen some weird, weird sweaters take to the ice, and hockey is truly better for it. F*cking love ‘em, man. Beer leagues are like the Wild West of jerseys. After seeing too many boring jerseys out there, we had enough and knew we had to do something about it. It lets other teams know that you’re a bunch of beer guzzling psychopaths, hilarious perverts, or just damn good hockey players. Beer League Jerseys: ‘Fussy Puckers’ & the 20 Funniest Amateur Hockey Team Names ... Next Image: nfl, preseason, hockey, beer league, jersey, jerseys, funny … It's not for the easily-offended either. League hockey jerseys in game level hockey patterns. Your jersey represents what your team is all about. Playing hockey with your buds is great and all, but when the team gets together to come up with a name and the jersey design to match, that’s when the creative energy runs free. The contest closes on February 22, 2016. Beer League Talk is giving teams the opportunity to design and win a free set of fully custom jerseys. Word of warning: shield your children's eyes before reading this list. Collins// Mighty Pucks. WHEELING NAILERS. They’ve got a really good weight to them and a little bit of stretch. So please don't think twice about it. Murray// Gunru. In the 2nd edition of the Top 10 Beer League Hockey Jerseys we continue our quest to find the best hockey jerseys ever to be donned by adult hockey teams. Our team is a bunch of morons, so simplicity was key for us. As multi-sport athletes ourselves, we provide jerseys for any sport along with team-wear, accessories, and apparel. Brand Story. You won't be profiting in any monetary way while wearing it, as well as posing yourselves as the actual professional team. There is zero legality issues with wearing an NHL (or any other professional hockey team) official team jersey for yours in beer league. House league jerseys fall between our pro and basic practice jersey styles. Some of the funniest beer league hockey jerseys, beer-related and not, that we've produced for teams across North America. We are beer leaguers just like you! This was by far the easiest order process. In stock house league hockey jerseys are great for adult and youth teams who want a step up from a basic practice style. Really it’s subjective, hence why we have a 2nd edition. Let’s first start by exploring how does one judge the Top 10 jerseys? You won't put this on the website, lol. Ok, the name isn’t new, but we thought this ECHL logo could use a bit of a face … Here is the original Top 10.

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