goals for student council vice president

I have helped out on everything that Student Council has organized over the past 3 years, and have been to almost every meeting. Student Council is very important to this school and very challenging and I accept that challenge. Embarking on the school year full of changes, the student council now has more weight on its shoulders, having to rethink and replace past events that are not safe for students and faculty.

Hey girls, I want you to Vote for _______.

I believe that students can help each other. “I understand that, I was a transfer to the district in middle school; I understand what its like to feel misrepresented or misunderstood by student governments.”.

According to DiFillipo the student council has many priorities like adjusting the hair rule and planning homecoming week, students in every grade level are eager to know when or if a homecoming dance will take place this year. Although I have not previously been in ASB before, I do have the qualities of being a good leader and work with others well, as I am outgoing, honest, committed to whatever I do, and am capable of making decisions. We like (your name) yes, we do! However, Nevrly is hopeful that a homecoming dance might be held “in the spring.”. Ultimately, I would try my hardest to make the school year as fun and as exciting for everyone! Last year we raised $150 for the ALS research campaign, We donated $800 to a student's family at a school in our district, and we bought over 100 turkeys for the Deer Valley Family Resource Center for Thanksgiving.

Carly Swetz: My name is Carly Swetz and I am hoping to once again be your Student Council Vice President.

My name is Carly Swetz and I am hoping to once again be your Student Council Vice President. Next year I plan to have more class fundraisers, as well as getting everyone to get to know their peers better. However, the student council is working hard on planning a safe and fun homecoming dance later this school year. I’m Jonathan Park and I aspire to help others, which is why I am running for treasurer. Nick Pezza: Hey raiders! “There is no way to have a homecoming dance that is fun and safe right now.” said DiFillipo. ASB President Vivian Feng. You want something done, (Your Name) is the one!

I have had many leadership experiences that have cultivated my passion to run. Plan to join student council your freshman year, but don’t expect to be elected president. We have had awareness days and fundraisers for such things as Autism Awareness Day, Heart Healthy Month, Juvenile Diabetes, and much more! My goals for the year include anything and everything that will promise prosperous fundraisers, fun dances, and a successful spirit night.

I am running for Junior Class President because I believe I can diligently and effectively represent my peers on student council. Not only do I truly excel in all forms of counting, but I also have a genuine love for HHS. GOALS OF WEST WING STUDENT COUNCIL Leadership - Developing and promoting leadership abilities. Vivaan Honward: I am Viv Honwad, a current Junior at HHS. We discuss leadership and how we can impact the entire West Wing student body and community through our service. My name is Caroline Furrier and I am running to be your ASB Student Body President.

Beyond ASB, I’ve served on the Bell Schedule Committee, worked with Sports Boosters, MAC Boosters and board members, and spoken at Site Council Meetings and 8th-Grade Parent Nights.

One of the many reasons you should vote for me is that I’m the BEST candidate for the.

I represent a fresh voice with new ideas. Read their statements below. The elections for the 2018-2019 ASB officers will feature 20 candidates, leaving two vacant positions — ASB secretary and sophomore vice president — that will be filled in by the winners of a special election to be held after spring break. I would be open to any suggestions and ideas for a better year.

If you’re looking to elect the most passionate, approachable, dedicated and proactive candidate, who can and will execute tangible change for YOU, vote Vivian Feng for Student Body President. Vote for (name), he’s the man, if he can’t do it no one can!

This year, I served as the social commissioner, where I co- created Paly’s first ever Quadchella series. I would make sure that all the activities that occur inside and outside of our school would run smoothly so that there are no complications when completing them.

It was a move filled with anxiety, but I was fortunate enough to be where many students supported me as I got involved as Jordan’s Spirit Leader and Freshmen VP. I love this school, and its immense spirit and passionate student body deserve to be led by those who will work hard to make the year fun. I am the most qualified person because I am a respectful, I persevere, and I’ve been in student council for 2 years being a co-committee rep and vice president. I truly care for the student body and feel that I could voice everyone’s opinions and concerns.

Hey Vikes! Help me help you put a meaning to “save the best for last” and make our senior year the best year yet. If you do get elected, expect some extra responsibility - Vice Presidents are second in charge and you'll be expected to take over if the President …

In preparation for Palo Alto High School’s Associated Student Body elections next week, candidates are working on their campaigns both on campus and online. I have new ideas for events that I will campaign for, such as meme day. Hello HHS! I want to be that friendly face for new students coming in and a defender for students already here. A. Seniors go to great lengths to take standardized tests, Speech and Debate kicks off its season with virtual win, Claire Chen: one of the most-decorated debaters in PAHS history, © 2020 • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in. CSOs will serve as the “STEM voice” for their student body, identifying opportunities for their school such as programs, speakers, workshops, field trips, science nights, and clubs and ensure such experiences reflect interests of their peers. I vow to be selfless in my actions, engage students from all grade levels, and serve not only as an ASB representative, but also as a friendly face on campus who you can go to for support, solace, and encouragement. The  council met in Nevrly’s classroom, Room 307. This year we are working on supporting St. Jude's Children's Hospital. Thank you, and remember: Vote ASB for ASB. Li$a Myer$ for. Vote Leila Khan for a memorable Junior year! Freshman student council elections are usually a mess. Goals You Have Meet. Vote Zoe Silver for Junior Class President and let’s have a great junior year . Copyright © 2002-2020 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. If elected, I can guarantee the year will be incredible. Ultimately, I would try my hardest to make the school year as fun and as exciting for everyone! I could personally guarantee that if you have an issue with anything in the school, I could make sure our Board of Education hears it. I have learned that being a leader is being authentic, responsible, and approachable. Becoming a student council leader is a stepping-stone towards an enriching future. As Treasurer, I can achieve this by supporting the funding of more fun events that reduce stress in collaboration with other Paly groups who are passionate about this topic.

This has taught me to be economically meticulous, making me an excellent choice for the role of treasurer. A student council is the body charged with representing the interests of students in a school.

However, the student council is working hard on planning a safe and fun homecoming dance later this school year. 26716 N. High Desert Drive SW   |     Peoria, AZ 85383   |    623-376-5000. Therefore, my strong school spirit drives me to do everything I can to make sure that every single student will have a fun, enjoyable year. My name is Annie Tsui and I’m running to be your Senior Class Vice President. According to Student Activities Director Matthew Hall, ASB extended the voting period from three days to five days this year. Student leaders are the future of our world.

I am a hard-working, reliable student who is eager to help organize a fun Spirit Night and Spirit Year. I love this school, and its immense spirit and passionate student body deserve to be led by those who will work hard to make the year fun. The class president is your representative, so please let me know what I, and ASB, can do for you. This is the right time to develop yourself to better serve others when the time comes. My goal is to be the ASB Vice President that the entire school feels comfortable coming to as their representation, and I hope you all allow me to do that. Hey Vikings! I have many ideas to foster school spirit and to overall better our school community, such as improving school spirit and student participation during Spirit Week and dances. Any candidate can make promises, but I follow through; this year I made sure that ASB does more than the yearly status quo. This is the most nerve-wracking part of your speech. I promise to go above and beyond to make sure we have a great year.

I’m Zoe Silver and I would be absolutely thrilled to be your Junior Class President!

Elect (Your name) for Student Body President, Vote for (Name), your Voice in Student Government, Vote for me I’m the right choice, vote for me I’ll be your voice, To cool for school vote_______ for president. Big Sean Tops the Charts with “Detroit 2”, Girls Soccer Looks to Improve on Last Season, The student news site of Hillsborough High School, © 2020 • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in. having the dance in Indiana or on the football field) it’s clear homecoming is not going to happen this fall. Richie Hishmeh: Hi, my name is Richie Hishmeh and I’m running for B.O.E Rep. Overall, you won’t find another candidate with the drive and energy that I have. I would make a great president because I am able to communicate and connect with others very easily, and those qualities make great presidents. Feel free to reach out to me whenever with any questions, ideas, or concerns!

It will begin at 8:15 a.m. on Monday, March 26, and last until the end of class on Friday, March 30. I am going to work to reach out to as much of the grade as possible and plan new events to connect the whole grade. Vote Adora Zheng for your Sophomore Class President! Student council campaign slogans can be used in such electoral campaigns to attract the student voters and also to spread future agenda effectively.

Why You Should Develop Student Council Leadership Qualities Today.

President: The class president normally runs council meetings. Hello Vikes!

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