lake michigan sturgeon record

GLEN ARBOR — Ancient, armored fish litter Lake Michigan’s shores — and the carcasses may signal a bigger problem. Hondorp says with these trackers they’ve learned that Lake Sturgeon actually spend a lot more time in the river than previously thought. LAKE STURGEON 193 87 1974 Mullett Lake Cheboygan LAKE TROUT 61.5 49 1997 Driftfishing Jig Lake Superior None LAKE WHITEFISH 14.28 31.75 1993 Trolling Rebel Lake Superior Ontonagon LARGEMOUTH BASS 11.94 27 1934 Big Pine Island Lake Kent LARGEMOUTH BASS 11.94 26 1959 Alcona Dam Pond Oscoda Michigan Department of Natural Resources State Record Fish - July 2020 1. The lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens), also known as the rock sturgeon, is a North American temperate freshwater fish, one of about 25 species of sturgeon.Like other sturgeons, this species is an evolutionarily ancient bottom feeder with a partly cartilaginous skeleton, an overall streamlined shape and skin bearing rows of bony plates on its sides and back, resembling an armored torpedo. Currently threatened and rare due to overharvest and habitat loss 3. Schoolchildren who've learned about Lake Sturgeon shout questions to the researchers. Can live for 55-150 years The remains of adult sturgeon … Grow very slowly but may reach 8 feet long and 300 pounds 4. Instead of just spawning, the trackers show some fish never leave the river. Credit Lauren Holbrook / Great Lakes Fishery Commission. Scientific name: Acipenser fulvescens 1. One of the oldest species in the Great Lakes 2. … CHEBOYGAN COUNTY, MI – A record number of anglers participated in Black Lake’s annual sturgeon season, which lasted a little less than 6 hours and ended at 1:40 p.m. on Feb. 1.

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