' Ha! Liverpool L3 8EN The project is not funded and the organization is seeking further funding to help with necessary renovations. sensitivity: 50, found = true; I can name at least 30 artists off the top of my head whose work I would love to see in a publicly accessible space.

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while (i--) { , every institution should have at least one SJC.

I can rattle off a list right now of BIPOC who would be excellent candidates for many of these positions. Donate. I hope that one day there won’t be a need for such a position.

+ '' Is it as simple as “buy/acquire/show more Black art”? // dataType: 'json', I include a picture of the fountain and a picture of the actual water fountain that is located in the adjacent Lady of Queens Church.

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Who is putting those exhibitions together?

The forward-facing way that institutions can support the fight for racial equity and social justice is by making a wee bit more of an effort.

We need to move out of market-driven bubbles into long-term sustainability and history.

Volunteers & Mentors - Kid City is Kid City thanks to you. What is a social justice curator? }

var SignupForm = { if ($(window).width() > 619) { The city agreed to lease the church to the congregation, and the La Plaza Initiative agreed to create a museum which would provide a sense of the church’s rich history of social justice work.

Sorry, there are no tours or activities available to book online for the date(s) you selected. SignupForm.init($modal.find('form'), function onSuccess() { I understand many institutions feel stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

Yesomi Umolu,

SJAM is led by National Museums Liverpool, SJAM I think one of the reasons racism is so endemic is because most (not all) institutions were founded to preserve a type of history, which is only now being reconciled and recognized as singular and exclusionary.

return c.substring(name.length,c.length); Our systems are built on inequity and a valuation of wealth and whiteness over genuine creative talent.

Revolving Exhibitions showcase the history of Los Angeles and social change from the perspective of the poor, minorities, and other marginalized groups.

}, if(valid){ In 2010, the “La Plaza initiative,” a program of the Urban Foundation and the United Methodist Cal-Pac Conference, was founded and charged with negotiating a new lease.

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I’m not sure how many social justice curators there are currently.


Are these messages of solidarity actionable, or just performative virtue-signaling?

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Installation, “Abortion Is Normal” at Eva Presenhuber and Arsenal Contemporary. });

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